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actionRIDER | the real motion simulation

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The actionRIDER is an exciting and high-performance 4D simulator attraction. This action-packed attraction is driven by a 6DOF (Degrees of freedom) motion system for 18 to 27 visitors. This motion ride is based on McFadden technologies, the pioneer in motion simulation. The system is available as hydraulic and electric version with a platform for 18 to 27 visitors. You can choose between hydraulic and electric accelerators. Effects such as wind, water, snow or scent underline the real feeling of the ride.

 Product Benefits

  • small Footprint
  • low Maintenance Cost
  • low number of operators needed
  • low power consumption
  • endless content available

Product Facts

Motion System

  • 6DOF (degree of freedom) motion simulator platforms with 18 or 27 seats on each platform
  • hydraulical driven
  • control cabinet come with each motion system

Show Control

  • show control systems uses "Industrie 4.0" components
  • control for effects and lights included
  • prepared for 4D, Interactive and VR Media

Content Linear or Interactive

  • about 50 different movies
  • Production of 4 min movie as ride film
  • Production of an interactive experience, mix of ride and game
  • Production of VR360 experience
  • Installation and Programming

Projection | Video

  • LED projection technology
  • Virtual Reality Technology possible
  • Screen: Flat/Round/Donut/Dome possible
  • Screensize between 6 and 24 meter

4D Effects

  • Wind effects
  • Snow effects
  • Water effect
  • Bubble effects
  • CO2 Blast effect
  • Real fire effects
  • Light effects