entertainment resource GmbH


flyDOME | the up close flying adventure 

  • flyDOME20 (miniFLY)
  • flyDOME40
  • flyDOME45
  • flyDOME60
  • flyDOME60 V2
  • flyDOME70
  • flyDOME80

Motion System

  • 6DOF (degree of freedom) motion simulator platforms with 4 until 10 seats on each platform
  • electrical driven
  • control cabinet come with each motion system

Show Control

  • show control systems uses "Industrie 4.0" components
  • special show-control system is installed to control the complete venue

  • direct control over the playback, projectors, effect control, lightning and all emergency inputs of the house control system

Content Linear or Interactive

  • about 50 different movies
  • Production of 4 min movie as ride film
  • Installation and Programming

Projection | Video

  • LED projection technology
  • special dome projection
  • Digital projection ranges from HD over 4K up to film like resolutions.


4D Effects

  • Wind effects
  • Snow effects
  • Water effect
  • Bubble effects
  • CO2 Blast effect
  • Real fire effects
  • Light effects