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The last phase of the work consists of the installation, programming and system integration. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians ensure the successful completion of the project during the pre-building process of the customized elements as well as during the on-site installation. We offer the shipping and transportation of the pre-built elements that we install on the location.

During programming we handle the careful adjustments of the software and hardware parts orchestrating the timing, door-control, acoustics, video and audio systems. At the end of the project we instruct and train your one-site customer staff about the use and maintenance of the attractions.

Step 6: Shipment and transportation of the pre-built parts of the attraction

Step 7: On-site installation of the parts, system integration of the attraction

Step 8: Programming the software, orchestrating all elements together

Step 9: Supervision of the on-site customer staff

Step 10: Handling over the turn-key solution to the customer