entertainment resource GmbH


Updates, Upgrades and Support

Content update

Entertainment Resource offers the latest films from nWave Pictures and Showscan Entertainment. According to your preferences and needs, we can continuously provide you new films for your venue and update the already existing content.

System upgrades

In order to improve your attractions, we offer you diverse upgrade solutions regarding both hardware and software elements. Based on our years of experience in the industry we can upgrade and renovate old motion simulators (Moog, Thomson, Intersim, AI, Chamber, Showscan, Intamin, Flight Avionics, Omnifilm, Imex Ridefilm) to 3D projection and we can integrate 4D effects into the unit. We also offer you the upgrade of 3D theatres into 4D systems or we can add the latest 4D effects to your old 4D cinemas. According to your customized needs, we can provide you new audio, projection or show control system to the already existing venue.

Possible upgrades include:

  • Change of the projection system (2D » 3D)
  • Creating a new 4D attraction from an old 2D/3D unit
  • Change of the audio system
  • Change of the show control system
  • Adding 4D effects to the already existing 4D theatres
  • Refurbishment of the venue

Software updates

During the maintenance of your venue, software needs to be updated time by time. In order to reduce your costs, we offer efficient online software updates. This way we ensure you the fastest solution possible to update your attraction.

According to your preferences, Entertainment Resource offers on-site update and support as well.